Powder Puff Football Plays

Our Powder Puff Football plays are categorized into two playbooks,  one for 5-on-5 powder puff football plays and another for 6 on 6 plays.  These can be adjusted to account for more or fewer players.


Legend for the diagrams in the playbooks:

  • Q – Quarterback
  • C – Center
  • R-  Running back (also known as halfback)
  • A – Wide Receiver 1
  • B – Wide Receiver 2
  • D – Wide Receiver 3

Tip & Advice

Tips and advice  on integrating these plays in to your offense.

Quarterback lines up under center.

Running back should line up 4-5 yards deep.

Spread out!  Use the entire field.

Primary receiver/receivers are highlighted in blue.


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