Make Your Own Powder Puff Football Shirts

Make Your Own Powder Puff Football Shirts

Powder Puff Football Shirts

Making your own powder puff football shirts with your team names on them just got a whole lot easier. Teespring is a web based apparel company that lets you design your own tee shirt with a few clicks of your mouse and will then print them and ship them for you.

You are not just limited to buying shirts for your team either. You can design all types of apparel including hoodies and long sleeve shirts and even tank tops.

Tee Spring also lets you set the price of your shirt which is a great option if you wanted to raise money for charity by selling your t-shirts with your team or league logo on them. The idea is simple, you would design your team shirt at a certain cost (say $5) then set the price a few dollars higher (say $10), on each shirt sold your team would get to keep the difference. So in this example if you sold 20 shirts you would raise roughly $100.

In the video below I will walk you through getting started on Tee Spring.

To signup for a free tee spring account ==> click here <==

If you need ideas for your team names try these: 30 of the Best Powder Puff Team Names

Then head on over to Teespring and design your team’s shirt!