Razzle-Dazzle Your Opponents With These Powder Puff Football Trick Plays

Powder Puff Football Trick Plays
Photo by Adam Gessaman

Everyone loves trick plays, except for the teams at the losing end of one.   Or so it seems.   This has to be one of the most asked about and requested plays that I get.

My canned response is, if you follow my concepts of good play design, you’ll know that every flag football play should have some trickery to it.  But I don’t think this is what people are talking about when they ask for trick plays.  I think what they really want are the gadget plays, the gimmicks, the show stoppers; something with some flare and a little razzle-dazzle.

That one play that is your only chance when all your hope has just about faded…

The play with that’s going to get you in the end zone for the score, and make you look good while doing it…

The play that people are going to talk about for years to come, EVEN AFTER they forgot who won the game…

So here it is my list of the best-est most mind boggling flag football trick plays in existence.   Maybe

#5 – Transformers

In this play, player’s line up as normal in any formation.   Once the ball is hiked every player turns and runs back in to the huddle.  The QB hands the ball to one player who then runs out of the huddle and past a very confused defense.

 #4 – Hook & Ladder

A rather difficult play to pull off, but has very good touch down potential.   The play involves mostly timing between the QB and 2 receivers.  This first receiver runs a short “hook” pattern and the QB throws her the ball, mean while the other receiver is running across the field and behind the first, who then pitches the ball to the second receiver.

#3 – Flea Flicker

Easy to execute and effective versus an aggressive defense.    This play starts with a hand-off to the running back, who after a few steps turns and “flicks” the ball back to the quarterback.  The QB then throws a deep pass to a receiver running down field.

#2 – Statue of Liberty

Fairly simple and can be effective when used on an unsuspecting defense.  This involves the quarterback dropping back for a pass, and pumping the ball.   Meanwhile the running back comes behind the QB and secretly takes the ball from her hands and then takes off running.

#1 – The Sleeper

This one is extremely difficult to pull off, requires a bit of acting and can result in penalties if not done correctly. However when done right its almost a guaranteed big play.  The premise of the play is that it is basically a fake substitution.  It involves sending one player off the field toward the sideline as if she is subbing out.  It helps if the QB tries to sell it by pointing and motioning to the bench.  As the player reaches the sideline she should stop just shy of leaving the field and stand in a very casual manner (as if spectating from the sideline).   The QB should quickly hike the ball and the fake sub should take off down field to catch a deep bomb.  the expectation if that the defense assumes she’s subbing-out and doesn’t send some one to cover her.

Then there this,  similar to a center sneak and well executed…handoff is behind the back of the receiver next to the center.

After reading this your team should be well armed to pull off one of these amazing trick plays during your next Powder Puff Football game.

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