Top 5 Reasons To Consider Playing Powder Puff Football

Powder Puff Football
Photo by rafael-castillo

More and more high schools and colleges have started to encourage females to sign up to their powder puff football teams. This is absolutely fantastic news and it is brilliant to see that schools are starting to focus on their female athletes just as much as their male ones. Sadly however, sign-ups are not all that great.

This is NOT because females are not interested in playing. Many of them are. It is mainly down to the fact that there are very few people out there attempting to convey the benefits of girls flag football. I am going to attempt to change that on this page.

Let me highlight some of the top reasons as to why you should jump into a game of powder puff football.

Top 5 Reasons To Start Playing Powder Puff Football NOW

Get in Shape: Let’s be honest. Whilst the gym is fantastic for helping you get fit, it is INCREDIBLY boring. Why not spruce up your fitness regime by joining a girls flag football team? Not only will darting all over the field burn off those calories like there is no tomorrow it will also help give your body a nice boost in other ways. This means you will see an increase in muscle mass. The increase will not be too much. However muscle gains will help protect your bones and ligaments from injury. You will of course be building up strength at the same time. Many people who take their powder puff football seriously will not actually need to visit the gym. All you need is a healthy diet and regular play. You are then pretty much ‘good to go’. On top of this all you will also be boosting your agility. In short, playing girls flag football will REALLY make you feel better about yourself.

Inexpensive: Whilst most other sports, football in particular, will require tons of cash to be heaped upon safety equipment you are not really going to have to worry about that too much with powder puff flag football. Whilst some districts will require safety equipment, it will only be for a basic amount of protection. It is unlikely you will spend more than $50.00 on this equipment. Most areas will require nothing more than a belt and a flag. This makes it an incredibly accessible sport.

Forge Friendships: When you play powder puff football there is a real sense of camaraderie. The fact that this sport is all about proper communication and working together, friendships are forged quite easily. It is not uncommon to find a powder puff football team playing together for years on end. You don’t really get this with other sports.

Confidence Booster: One of the things that you will LOVE about girls flag football is that most rule sets will require only a small amount of people on each team. One of the things that I absolutely loathe about large team sports (over 9 or so players on each team) is that it is VERY difficult to get everybody involved. There will always be that one player who thinks that they are better than everybody else and will try to control the game. You don’t really get this with powder puff football. You see, teams are smaller. This means that EVERYBODY has to play their part. Nobody can take a backseat in this game. If people do not make the effort then it will be a loss. Sure, this can be a little bit stressful, but there is no greater feeling than winning a game and knowing that YOU were part of that effort.

You Get to Pummel People: Ok, maybe not so much a benefit to everybody. However, in a world which expects girls to act ‘prim and proper’ at all times, it just feels great to go out on that grid iron and really get yourself ‘stuck’ into the game. Obviously you will not be throwing around people like you are in the NFL, but trust me, people that play powder puff football can get pretty aggressive from time to time whilst playing (it really helps to relieve the stress…providing it is done safely of course!)

Hopefully if you were on the fence about signing up this post will help you take that leap. If you do play powder puff football lave us a comment below and let us know how the experience was for you.