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Girl Running With Football

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Powder Puff Football is a girls football game using the touch football or flag football rules. Here on this site we focus on girl’s flag football, although the rules and skills are mostly interchangeable.

What is flag football?

Flag Football is a low or no-contact variation of American tackle football. Many elements of the game are the same as tackle football with the exception of tackling. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, the defensive players attempt to pull a flag from the runners belt in order to end the down. At its heart flag football game of speed, agility and cunning. The later being the most important as any team can make up for a gap in athletic ability with mental preparedness and a well executed game plan.

How to play flag football

Our articles are designed to be resources to help you up your game or if you are just starting out learn how to play flag football.


Powder Puff Football Kickoff

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The rules are simple and very similar to the youth flag football rules. Depending on the age of the participants, the amount of contact allowed or tolerated varies. Particularly at the high school level and college intramural flag football, the rules may allow for blocking and increased physical play.

If you want learn how to play flag football, check out our rules page. Its also a good idea to review your flag football league rules for any changes or discrepancies.


We have available 2 flag football playbooks comprised of 5-on-5 and 6-on-6 flag football plays. These can be adjusted to account for more or fewer players.


Improve your Powderpuff Football game play by using our handy flag football skills guide. Packed full of the knowledge you need to be a better player